After helping Aécio Neves and Michel Temer avoid conviction, Judge Sergio Moro uses shaky evidence to prevent Ex-president Lula’s candidacy on the day that the Brazilian Senate wipes 70 years of labor rights gains off the board.  On Wednesday, July 12, Judge Sergio Moro sentenced ex-president Lula to serve 9.5 years in jail for passive corruption and money laundering. The...
São Paulo, 16 April. Lula disappeared into the federal police building in Curitiba on 7 April and nobody knows when he will be seen again. Two days before, after the Supreme Court refused to grant him a habeas corpus, the PT’s presidential candidate had bunkered down at the HQ of the metalworkers union in São Bernardo, surrounded by thousands of...

Nicaragua: What now?

  Tens of thousands of Nicaraguans marched through the streets of the capital Managua and other cities at the end of April. The demonstrations were in answer to a call from the Catholic Church to press for Daniel Ortega’s Sandinista government to enter into dialogue over controversial reforms to the social security system that led to protests earlier in the month...
Sotrami, a gold mining company near Ayacucho has achieved Fair Trade certification.

Belize: Teechaz gat yuh bak

From Punta Gorda: In the second of three blog posts, Rachel Simon explores indigenous land rights and social issues in southern Belize. Rachel spent time in Belize recording voices of indigenous community land rights activists for LAB’s forthcoming book, Voices of Latin America. ‘"Teechaz gat yuh bak" means we will stand up for what is right. We will fight for...
The Tapajós River Basin lies at the heart of the Amazon, and at the heart of an exploding controversy: whether to build 40+ large dams, a railway, and highways, turning the Basin into a vast industrialized commodities export corridor; or to curb this development impulse and conserve one of the most biologically and culturally rich regions on the planet. Those...
Bernardo Kucinski argues "The PT is certainly finished. Perhaps a new left will emerge from the cinders but I have my doubts."
This article was written for BrasilWire. You can read the original here. The political situation in Brazil is getting confusing, even for people who study it. To summarise recent events: In April the organized left held the largest general strike in Latin America this Century, demanding for a halt to the austerity reforms and for illegitimate president Michel Temer’s immediate...

Checkmate for Cunha?

Eduardo Cunha, who just a few days ago seemed untouchable, despite being strongly linked wth corruption, has been removed from office by Brazil's Supreme Court. Many Brazilian celebrated the decision.

Brazil’s Cheshire Cat

The Chamber of Deputies will almost certainly vote to impeach President Dilma Rousseff on Sunday 17 April. But, remarkably, former President Lula from the same PT party is still the most popular politician in the country

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