Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Brazil: the flesh is weak but the meat is rotten

São Paulo, March 22nd. With their usual fine sense of irony, the Federal Police named their latest operation, launched on Friday 17th,   “Carne Fraca”...

Tapajós under attack 3: The End of a People – Munduruku...

The Tapajós River Basin lies at the heart of the Amazon, and at the heart of an exploding controversy: whether to build 40+ large...

Belize: Teechaz gat yuh bak

From Punta Gorda: In the second of three blog posts, Rachel Simon explores indigenous land rights and social issues in southern Belize. Rachel spent...

The Olympics: strikes and protests by unpaid Rio workers

Privatisation, mass lay-offs and salaries unpaid for months fuel unofficial strikes and discontent.

Checkmate for Cunha?

Eduardo Cunha, who just a few days ago seemed untouchable, despite being strongly linked wth corruption, has been removed from office by Brazil's Supreme Court. Many Brazilian celebrated the decision.

Brazil watches and waits

As the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff moves inexorably closer, Brazil watches and waits. It is like seeing a play that both fascinates and repels.

Brazil: ‘Impeeshmon’ goes to the Senate

The impeachment of Dilma looks almost certain. But the forces likely to be unleashed are hard to predict and harder to control.

Brazil: The morning after the night before

So, the Chamber of Deputies has voted to proceed with the impeachment of the President. What next?

Brazil’s Cheshire Cat

The Chamber of Deputies will almost certainly vote to impeach President Dilma Rousseff on Sunday 17 April. But, remarkably, former President Lula from the same PT party is still the most popular politician in the country

Rosa of the Wild Grass – The Story of a Nicaraguan...

From the days of the Somoza dictatorship, through insurrection, the Sandinista victory, the Contra war, election defeat, the struggle for survival up to 2013: three generations of the women of one peasant family tell their story

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