Agrarian, indigenous and other communities and an emergent centre-left opposition are piling on the pressure in the run-up to presidential elections in May.
A documentary film describing an MST settlement in Rio Grande do Sul
Latin Americans in London are campaigning for official recognition as an ethnic minority
Hydro energy may represent a form of clean, renewable energy, but the expansion of hydro in Guatemala has driven social conflict between the government, multinationals and the indigenous populations.
Alfonso Cuarón questions President Peña Nieto about government plans to reform the oil and gas industry.
Since the PRI returned to power, journalists continue to be targeted with threats, attacks and killings. Self-censorship by the survivors and their media outlets means that the most important stories don't get covered.
LAB launches the first of its new series of Special Reports -- a critical look at the the decade of rule by the Workers' Party (PT) in Brazil. Reviewers seem to like it. Look at what they have to say.
August's 'Agrarian and Popular Strike' highlighted the failures of the NPA and the Santos government's policies.
To celebrate the publication of its new book on Brazil, LAB asked several experts to give us their views on the cause of the Brazilian crisis. Their explanations are surprisingly different -- and contradictory. Join the debate and add your comment.
The Mbyju’i Communal Land Association: protector of the common good. by Andrew Nickson Origin: The association goes back to the old days when, lacking land of their own, small cattle farmers in Santa Rosa occupied state-owned land on the banks of the Tebicuary River to use for pasture.

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