Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Mexico: Is the “new” PRI worse than the “old” one?

It will soon be two years since the PRI returned to power and people from different walks of life are already fed up with the lack of progress in the economy and education. LAB editor Javier Farje reports from Mexico City

Mexico: The film director and the president

Alfonso Cuarón questions President Peña Nieto about government plans to reform the oil and gas industry.

Argentina: inflated expectations

High inflation in Argentina is commonly seen as a warning of imminent economic meltdown, but is this too simple a view?

Colombia: Santos under pressure from rural activists

Agrarian, indigenous and other communities and an emergent centre-left opposition are piling on the pressure in the run-up to presidential elections in May.

Chile: women challenging stereotypes

As Michelle Bachelet embarks on her second presidential term in March 2014, other Chilean women are occupying positions of power.

Mexico: journalists still an endangered species

Since the PRI returned to power, journalists continue to be targeted with threats, attacks and killings. Self-censorship by the survivors and their media outlets means that the most important stories don't get covered.

Colombia: agrarian protest stems from neo-liberal destruction

August's 'Agrarian and Popular Strike' highlighted the failures of the NPA and the Santos government's policies.

London’s Latin Americans: Becoming Visible

Latin Americans in London are campaigning for official recognition as an ethnic minority

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