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No hay mujeres: Latin America women and gender equality

There has been real progress in guaranteeing the fuller participation of women in Latin American political life. The lessons of the past generation are a vital resource in ensuring that the process continues in the next, says Kristen Sample.

Bulletin 25 January 2010

Haiti: relief operations criticised ♦ Women are still dying in Haiti ♦ Dominican Republic praised for emergency help ♦ Venezuela: closure of TV stations causes unrest ♦ Brazil: Real set to get strong again ♦ Chile: water i

Bulletin 8 February 2010

 Costa Rica elects first woman president ♦ Venezuela: Chávez expropriates landmark buildings ♦ Argentina: former President has emergency heart operation ♦ Brazil: interest rates set to go up ♦ Colombia: forest fires threaten nat

Bulletin 9 February 2010

Costa Rica: crime, a priority for new president ♦ Argentina: illness of former president fuels political uncertainty ♦ Venezuela: Chávez 24:7 ♦ And you get fined if you do not save electricity ♦ Bolivia identifies plants that

Latin America: Millennium Development Goals

This week UN delegates meeting in New York are evaluating progress made in achieving the MDGs. Amnesty International has produced three radio programmes in Spanish.

Dilma Rousseff and the magic of Lula

Raul Zibechi says Brazil's likely first woman president owes her dramatic rise to the man who's brought millions out of poverty.

Dominican Republic: shocking level of domestic violence

Civil society organisations are mobilising to get the government to take more effective action to curb domestic violence. In a special article for LAB, Daniel Jackman reports.

Nicaragua: authorities fail to tackle high levels of rape and sexual...

As levels of rape and sexual violence rise the government has failed to tackle the problem sufficiently, taboos remain in place and victims are left to suffer. Amnesty International has published a report which looks at the problem in detail.

MEXICO: Sexist Violence Invisible in War on Drugs

Violence against women un-noticed and murders unresolved in Mexico's drug war. Calderon's government fails to respond to the human rights violations associated with increased militarisation.     

Sex Tourism Threatens Central America’s Youth

Whilst South East Asia remains the hub of sex tourism, Central America is growing in popularity due to poverty and diminishing opportunities.

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