Monday, November 29, 2021
A new initiative is being made in Bogota to help women stand up to machismo and to get men to change their behaviour
It is estimated that half a million young women in Latin America and the Caribbean are lured into sexual abuse, with social media playing a key role.
On 20 November over 1,000 towns will be having a public holiday to celebrate the dia da consciência negra
Venezuela's opposition parties reject quotas for women election candidates, but the government's own record on gender lags behind most countries in the Region.
A well-to-do white couple living in São Paulo, Brazil, adopt a black baby. The Past is an Imperfect Tense tells the story of this father-son relationship, which begins with great love and affection but ends up in ruin and rejection.
This open letter, from a distinguished group of Brazilian mental health academics and professionals, was first published in El Pais Brazil on 2 September 2019. You can read the original here. It was translated for LAB from the Portuguese by Diane Grosklaus Whitty. Greta Thunberg gives life to the climate cause, just as the climate cause gives her life. Anyone who knows what it is...
A factory fire on June 22 in the Las Malvinas district of Lima, Peru, that killed four young people has drawn official and international attention to the sometimes deadly risk posed by the country’s use of forced labor, or slave labor. This tragedy, the International Labor Organization says, revealed that the Peruvian factory had operated in an abusive manner that...
A documentary about María Jesús Sanhueza, one of the leaders of the 2006 secondary school student protests in Chile, known (for their school uniforms) as the Revolución Pinguina (Penguin Revolution). All over Chile, students occupied their schools, demanding free public education. Video: RealDaisyGirls. Published Dec 2012
The South American nation reached the goal after following the programme "Yes I Can" designed by Cuba.
Cuban TV provoked a storm of indignation when it appeared to hold women solely responsible for the country's low birth-rate.

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