A brilliant YouTube video by HBO's John Oliver
Philosophy Football's Mark Perryman provides a World Cup reading list.

Brazil Inside Out

The essential thinking visitor's guide book by Jan Rocha & Francis McDonagh, in a 2nd edition updated for the Rio Olympics and challenging times in the continent's largest and most dynamic country.
Mooted new public order laws, police violence against demonstrations and indigenous communities --it's almost like the aftermath of a coup.
Argentina goes to the World Cup in Brazil with high hopes of winning for a third time. But as Daniel Schweimler reports for LAB from Buenos Aires, the 'beautiful game' has turned ugly in one of its heartlands.
A British documentary film about the student demonstrations in Chile in 2011.
On 20 November over 1,000 towns will be having a public holiday to celebrate the dia da consciência negra
Latin Americans in London are campaigning for official recognition as an ethnic minority

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