Sunday, September 23, 2018
Hurricane Sandy, which devastated parts of the Caribbean, is a tragic demonstration of how climate change can affect a vulnerable region.
Climate Change is no longer an environmental problem. In a new report ECLAC explains how global warming could jeopardise Latin America´s economic growth.
A long-running conflict around the town of Espinar in southern Peru shows how social conflicts over mining develop and can be resolved
Not only minerals and oil, but monocultures such as soya and prawn farming are extractive industries. We need a new response to the wider problem.
The opposition in Venezuela needs to evaluate the reasons for its failure to defeat Hugo Chávez.
According to Margarita López Maya and Luis E. Lander, the inequalities between the two Venezuelan candidates raise questions about the model of democracy emerging in Venezuela and the rest of the region. In Spanish with an English summary
Hugo Chávez needs to address the deep divisions in Venezuelan society.


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