A lone man in the garb of a nineteenth century mambi Cuban freedom fighter sits high on a lamp post above a sea of people in Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución. They are celebrating Fidel Castro’s 1959 triumph in the overthrow of the dictatorship Batista, in an iconic photographic image by Alberto Korda. Above it is an even more iconic image by the...

Chile: La caravana de las Danzas

The 2018 Caravana de las Danzas 2018, dancing in La Plaza de Talca and taking a walk around the Barrio en Colores, an open air museum in the población Brilla el Sol, with murals evoking the customs of the region such as rodeo, the Cueca, etc. The dances were combined with readings of folk stories collected by the...
London’s First Cartonera Book Festival Celebrates Cultural Activists from Latin America who Turn Waste into Books The first-ever London Cartonera Book Festival will be held from 17-20 September 2019, as part of a UK-wide festival to celebrate the grassroots ‘Cartonera’ publishers movement from Latin America. For this event, Senate House Library, the University of Surrey and the University of Durham join forces with five key...
Rios de Encontro presents the origins and eco-cultural vision of the AfroRaiz Collective of young afro-indigenous performance-educators from the Brazilian Amazonian fishing community of Cabelo Seco. We advocate a sustainable future through powerful dance and percussion! Dance collective Rios de Encontro sets out in 10 days time, from Cabelo Seco, Marabá,...
The festival took place in Trujillo and Cusco from 18-21 July 2019. It followed on from the success of ‘Winaypacha’ (Eternity), the first Peruvian film entirely shot in Aymara language, opening up possibilities for indigenous filmmakers and their stories to reach an international audience. In recent years many Peruvian films were produced in native languages, but there was no...

Pintó La Isla

Pintó la isla is a project of urban art developed in Isla Maciel, Avellanada, Buenos Aires. The aim is to integrate the neighbourhood into the tourist circuit with the aim of breaking down the stigma surroudning it. The residents themselves should take ownership of the project to project a new vision of what the neighbourhood is really like. With...

Rebeca Lane

The Youtube channel of Rebeca Lane
Video: Hemispheric Institute, 2018
Video: Hemispheric Institute, April 2018
Linn da Quebrada is a Brazilian actor, singer, composer and transsexual activist who uses São Paulo rap, Rio funk and pop. Video: Dazed, August 2018

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