Edgardo Fernández Sesma and Esteban Mioni dance, alternating and mixing up roles without changing their hold. They are dancing a typically Milonguero tango ("Farewell Buenos Aires" by Sciamarella-Torres Ríos, and the Orquesta Víctor-Angel Vargas, 1938) - Performed at the closing night of the "IX BUENOS AIRES INTERNATIONAL QUEER TANGO FESTIVAL" in the beautiful art-nouveau "Unione...
An incredible high energy performance that had faces set to 'stunned'. Video: Boiler Room, June 2018
DjLu, a prolific stencil artist and former DJ, hails from the high-altitude Andean city of Bogotá, Colombia. The city, as he describes it, is his artistic playground and a fitting setting to express his views on the current state of his country at large. Though his art maintains an aesthetic beauty, he consistently incorporates strong messaging behind...
Casa Maauad, Mexico City, presents Pièce de Résistance: Margot, a project by Mexican choreographer, artist and dancer Stéphanie Janaina in collaboration with Mauricio Ascencio, Juan Pablo Villegas and Rolando Hernandez. Pièce de Résistance: Margot is made up of a video, installation, and performance. (TIME, SPACE, TRACE) If nothing saves us from death, at least having her close...
Lesbian Reggaeton: 'Lo que las mujeres quieren' (What girls want). With English subtitles. Chocolate Remix is the reggaetón project led by Romina Bernardo (aka Chocolate) since 2014. It criticises the machismo associated with this genre and 'resignifies' it, using the same musical logic, creating a new concept of what it calls 'Lesbian Reggaeton'. This...
Mauricio explains the origin and work of Dexpierte Colectivo. Video: Colectivo Tomate, March 2018
Linn da Quebrada is a Brazilian actor, singer, composer and transsexual activist who uses São Paulo rap, Rio funk and pop. Video: Dazed, August 2018
Video: Hemispheric Institute, April 2018
Video: Hemispheric Institute, 2018

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