Wednesday, December 1, 2021
The Night of the Pencils. Video: Aries Films, Argentina. Director: Hector Olivera
Interview with Franco Lagos. In 2015 a group of Honduran researchers and activists founded the Clementina Suárez Popular University. This was the idea of Pavel and Lester Nuñez. They created a popular and inclusive space, open to all sectors of Honduran society. This was something unprecedented in Central America. Interview conducted for Edition 131 of Caribe Nuestro, published September 2017.
A documentary about María Jesús Sanhueza, one of the leaders of the 2006 secondary school student protests in Chile, known (for their school uniforms) as the Revolución Pinguina (Penguin Revolution). All over Chile, students occupied their schools, demanding free public education. Video: RealDaisyGirls. Published Dec 2012
The President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, spoke to the country via a nationwide radio and TV link-up to make important announcements concerning education. Video: Government of Chile. July 5 2011 (in Spanish).
The Center for Latin American Studies and the Berkeley Law School present a talk with Giorgio Jackson, one of the leaders of Chile's student movement, from November 30, 2011. Over the past 20 years Chile has made significant strides in expanding access to higher education. However, much of this expansion has been achieved through for-profit...
Chile's market-based education system premised on choice and competition serves as a cautionary tale for privatization. Rather than investing in public schools to create social mobility, school vouchers widen the chasm between privilege and poverty. Video: AFTHQ 2013.
Brazilian high school student Ana Julia gives a speech about the school occupations in Brazil. "Over the past 24 hours , Brazil has become acquainted with what many Brazilians believe is the most promising voice it has heard in years. And remarkably, it is the voice of a 16-year-old girl named Ana Júlia Ribeiro. In...
Argentine film (1hr 35mins) directed by Hector Olivera. Showing events in September 1976, in La Plata, Argentina, when a number of secondary school students, most of them less than 18 years old, were kidnapped and murdered by security forces in one of the most notorious actions of the military dictatorship. Video: Aries Films, Argentina (in Spanish, with English subtitles) 1986....
Shows footage of the infamous massacre of scores, probably hundreds of students in Mexico City, who were protesting at extravagant government spending on the Olympics and other matters. The events have never been fully investigated and genocide charges against the PRI president of the time, Luis Echeverría, were eventually dismissed. Video: directed by Alan Tomlinson. Published on YouTube May 2012.

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