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History of student protest

The Night of the Pencils. Video: Aries Films, Argentina. Director: Hector Olivera

The Popular University of Honduras

Interview with Franco Lagos. In 2015 a group of Honduran researchers and activists founded the Clementina Suárez Popular University. This was the idea of...

The Penguin Revolution, Chile, 2006

A documentary about María Jesús Sanhueza, one of the leaders of the 2006 secondary school student protests in Chile, known (for their school uniforms)...

Chile: the Great National Agreement for Education

The President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, spoke to the country via a nationwide radio and TV link-up to make important announcements concerning education. Video:...

Inside Chile’s student movement: interview with Giorgio Jackson

The Center for Latin American Studies and the Berkeley Law School present a talk with Giorgio Jackson, one of the leaders of Chile's...

How free-market education in Chile fails the neediest

Chile's market-based education system premised on choice and competition serves as a cautionary tale for privatization. Rather than investing in public...

Occupations carried out by the student movement in Brazil

Brazilian high school student Ana Julia gives a speech about the school occupations in Brazil. "Over the past 24 hours , Brazil has...

La Noche de los Lapices (The Night of the Pencils)

Argentine film (1hr 35mins) directed by Hector Olivera. Showing events in September 1976, in La Plata, Argentina, when a number of secondary school students,...

Massacre en Tlatelolco, 2 October 1968

Shows footage of the infamous massacre of scores, probably hundreds of students in Mexico City, who were protesting at extravagant government spending on the...

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