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Central America Women’s Network (CAWN)

We support the struggles of women in Central America, particularly those seeking economic rights and fighting for their labour rights, those working for maternal health and the right to abortion, and those resisting violence against women. We work in partnership with local women’s organisations and support the women’s movement, as well as the struggles of workers, the indigenous and economic justice movements in Central America, the United Kingdom and Europe. Contact Important links to resources 1: Trafficking of Women in Central America and Mexico?? 2: Maternal Health, Reproductive Rights and the Criminalisation of Abortion?? 3: Update on the Impact on Women of the European Union – Central America Association Agreement?? 4: Intersecting Violences: A Review of Feminist Theories and Debates on Violence against Women and Poverty in Latin America 5: Conference: Images of exploited and trafficked women: The role of the media and campaigning in women’s empowerment

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