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When President Obama travels to Cartagena, Colombia, for the OAS summit on April 14-15, his security agents may have have to double-check that they’re protecting the right man. Cartagena’s La Cariñosa TV news channel has organised an Obama look-alike competition. In Colombia, consciousness of race and skin-colour lend a special importance both to the visit by the first black US President, and to the motivation of the look-alike contestants.

Written By: jeff

If you’ll be in traveling to Colombia, Cartagena specifically, on April 14-15, you won’t be alone. The Organization of American States (OAS) is having its summit in the historic city. While world politics will be the talk of the town, some locals are taking it upon themselves to have fun with the event. This will be Obama’s first visit to Colombia. And, the Cartageneros are having an Obama look-a-like contest. So, if you can’t avoid being there during the madness while the leaders of the Americas are there (and the crushing security detail that’s sure to be in place), then have a little fun and seek these guys out.

I found this video by local Colombian channel CityTv. It’s in Spanish, but you can see the contestants and see which one you think should win. It’s best viewed with either the Firefox or Chrome browser. I can’t seem to make it work for Safari.


See the video here

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