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Colombia Peace Process. Sept 2016

16 September 2016

The Colombia Peace Process & FARC Congress

Dear LAB Supporter and Friend,

LAB Correspondent Gwen Burnyeat is at present in Colombia, travelling with a group from ReD (Rodeemos el Diálogo) who are attempting to educate people, especially the urban middle class, about the peace process. The final agreements were signed off in Havana, but must now be endorsed by a national referendum on October 2 –the result of which is likely to be very close. FARC is holding its 10th Congress in the next few days, to seek united backing for the peace (again, there are likely to be dissenting voices). Gwen and the ReD workers have met with the FARC in los Llanos de Yarí and hope to attend the Congress itself.

Gwen’s blog posts have been a fascinating insight into this, one of the most complex and protracted peace negotiations of recent times. Read her special dispatch from Llanos del Yarí here, There will be a follow-up post in the coming days. You can find this and Gwen’s other posts here.

With best wishes,

The LAB Team

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