Sunday, April 14, 2024

Colour on the streets


A look at the work of Rojo Roma, one of a new generation of Latin American street artists reclaiming public spaces for their graffiti art
colour1Latin American graffiti art has inherited the exuberance and colour of the muralist tradition, and is now enlivening buildings on the streets of many cities. Artists such asJade, Hyuro Stinkfish and Bastardilla have been invited to festivals throughout the continent, but it is the Argentine street artist who goes by the name of Rojo Roma who has caught the eye recently in his native Buenos Aires as well as at the Graffiti Vale Festival in Brazil . Roma does not give interviews or enter on any social networks: he lets his work speak for itself. Below are some of his most recent creations. More can be found on:
colour5colour4 colour3

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