Costs: local people speak about the impact of hydroelectric dams on their communities and surroundings


As a response to the current investment in large hydroelectric dams as a foundation for Brazil’s ‘sustainable’ economic growth, ‘Costs’ addresses the impacts these projects have caused on both the environment and people. Director Marilene Ribeiro surveys three hydro schemes that happen at different times in Brazil (past – the Sobradinho dam, present – the Belo Monte dam, and future – the Garambi-Panambi dam complex). The video engages with situations in which the impacts caused by dams emerge in a more sensitive way; for example, when participants of her project (individuals who have been affected by these ventures) draw, sing, or speak about their feelings and their interpretations of their lived experience.

Video: Marilene Cardoso Ribeiro. 2018 (English subtitles)


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