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Covid-19 in Latin America. LAB newsletter special. 17 March 2020

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17 March 2020

Dear LAB Supporter and Friend,COVID-19 in Latin America. A LAB Special Newsletter
We thought that LAB should research and publish an article, collating, as far as possible, the situation across the region as the Covid-19 begins to make inroads and theatens the lives and welfare of individuals, families and communities.

To read the article, click here.

We began work on this on the evening of 14 March. LAB editor Emily Gregg undertook the research and writing and members of the LAB Team and correspondents in several countries sent in data and news, working under pressure to meet our very short deadline. Emily and the team did a fantastic job. She was the author of ‘The Student Revolution’ chapter in Voices of Latin America and is currently based in Arica, in northern Chile.

LAB, of course, doesn’t have the resources of a newspaper or broadcaster and we could only cover those countries where we have current contacts. We will try to follow up in the coming weeks with articles about specific countries and, in particular, the effects of the pandemic on poor, marginalised and minoritiy communities, the indigenous, and people in areas where health services are lacking.

If you can contribute any news, testimony or insights about particular countries, please email us at

As ever, LAB relies entirely on volunteers. We could achieve so much more if we could afford to pay full-time staff.
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