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“Creaction Amazónica”

Virtual caravan against the climate crisis


The Amazon rainforest, as the heart of the planet, radiates energy and creativity to face the collapse of the climate. The Amazon is not only air, water, biodiversity, but also synthesizes the memory of those who came before us and hope for a life in harmony with ourselves, with all human beings and with all the creation of nature.

The fight against climate change, has its center in the spirit of the Amazon, of the indigenous peoples and women that with their bodies-territories, call us to get amazonized and to embrace the defense of life, to escape predatory consumerism and the exploitation of human beings and Mother Earth.

The Amazon calls us to overcome the blindness to unlimited growth, to overcome the capitalist, patriarchal, anthropocentric, racist and colonial system, in order to restore the balance of the vital cycles of planet Earth and guarantee human rights, the rights of indigenous peoples and the rights of Mother Earth

The Global Assembly for the Amazon invites everyone to actively participate in the various activities that are being planned for the World Climate Week (21-27 September), and in particular invites to the Cry of the Jungle, organized by the COICA – Coordination of Indigenous Organizations in the Amazon Basin (Coordinadora de las Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca Amazónica) for September 22nd. The Assembly also calls to participate in the “CreAction Amazónica” Virtual Caravan against the climate crisis that seeks to:

  • Reaffirm the need for community self-government with self-care and priority for safe vaccines for indigenous peoples, without politicization or coercion, within the scope of a free and informed prior consultation.
  • Derail the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Mercosur, due to its perverse impacts on the Amazon, employment and public services.
  • Strengthen actions against agribusiness, mining and oil extraction, logging, mega-hydroelectric and infrastructure mega-works, GMOs, agrochemicals and fires that cause ethnocide, genocide and ecocide.
  • Amplify the appeal “Amazon or Bolsonaro!” and to strengthen actions against governments that destroy the Amazon and the territories of indigenous peoples.

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To participate in the “CreAction Amazónica” Virtual Caravan, share your initiative, action, protest and / or proposal using the hashtag #CreAccionAmazonica and #Amazonizate and send a one (1) minute video of your demonstration to our email, until September 18th. Include your Whatsapp number so we can get in touch with you.

The “CreAcción Amazónica” Virtual Caravan against the climate crisis will seek to make the different initiatives visible in an event that will be broadcast on Facebook and Youtube on September 24 at 1 pm in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, at 2 pm in Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Guyana and Venezuela, and at 3 pm in Brazil-Sao Paulo and Suriname, and at 8 pm in Europe.

The original Portuguese version of this appeal can be read here and the Spanish version here.

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