Sunday, December 10, 2023

DjLu from Bogotá, Colombia


DjLu, a prolific stencil artist and former DJ, hails from the high-altitude Andean city of Bogotá, Colombia. The city, as he describes it, is his artistic playground and a fitting setting to express his views on the current state of his country at large. Though his art maintains an aesthetic beauty, he consistently incorporates strong messaging behind everything he creates for the public. The Pineappleade, in particular, makes a statement about the Colombian issue of land mines in land previously used for planting crops.

Like he says in the video above, if his work can be both beautiful and full of meaning, then it’s done its job. The pineapple grenade will continue to spread his message on the streets of Bogotá and on BucketFeet shoes everywhere for a long time to come.

Video: Bucketfeet, 2014

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