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Four Dead in Honduras Rains


Four Dead in Honduras Rains*

TEGUCIGALPA – At least four people died in the torrential rainstorm that hit Honduras over the weekend, authorities said Monday.

“We regret the loss of four human lives,” the head of the Copeco emergency management agency, Lisandro Rosales, told reporters.

The fourth victim, a man in his 70s, died in the Caribbean province of Atlantida, after three members of the Honduran navy died Friday when their boat sank near the Cuero y Salado wildlife reserve near the Atlantic coast city of La Ceiba.

A preliminary report from Copeco identified the victims as the marines Ramon David Green Aranda, Oscar Mauricio Ordoñez Alvarez and Victor Manuel Cardona Chirinos, and the civilian Lorenzo Cruz.

Though Rosales said there are “two people still missing, and the search is on to find them,” the official Copeco report mentions only one missing, a civilian who had apparently gone out to sea with the three marines.

Rosales said that the number of people evacuated from communities in the provinces of Colon and Atlantida to temporary shelters has dropped from 550 to 400.

The official said that the worst danger was over when the rains stopped early Monday, but warned that the National Meteorological Service has forecast more rain for later this week.

The rains have damaged infrastructure, homes and crops, chiefly in the provinces of Atlantida, Colon, Cortes and Yoro. EFE


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