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Freedom has no borders

Migration on the Move -- No human being can be illegal


A moving short photo-video from Francisco Elías Prada and Ángela Rodríguez Torres of LAB partner Ojos Ilegales, Venezuela. The photos convey haunting images of migrants from Central America as they cross Mexico in a desperate attempt to reach the USA.

The translation of the text is:

“Go back to your countries. You’re rubbish! You’re shit!” -That’s what they said to me.


Travellers [Braseros]

No visa

No papers


Southerner [Sudaca]




To migrate is a human right

Frontiers are invented by men

400,000 transmigrants cross Mexico every year

50 per cent of women transmigrants are raped on their transit through Mexico

Thousands of transmigrants die under the wheels of ‘La Bestia’ [‘The Beast’ – the train many hitch rides on]

Appoximately 70,000 migrants have disappeared crossing Mexico towards the US

Thousands of migrants are left by the roadside in a war conducted against them

Many never arrived in the United States and never returned to their home countries. They disappeared!

The mothers of the thousands of disappeared started to come to Mexico to look for them.

But despite the risks, the exodus continues.

High walls await them. Deportation awaits them!

The empire waits for them, repression waits for them…

Loneliness awaits, lethal injection awaits them…

Freedom knows no frontiers.

No human being is illegal.

Created by: Francisco Elías Prada

Transmigración en Movimiento [Transmigration on the Move]

Mexico/Venezuela 2017 Design and Screenplay: Angela Rodríguez Torres

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    12:37 (hace 46 minutos)

    Infinitas gracias por todo tu gran labor,el trabajo con tanta mística de todo el equipo de LAB y tu apoyo directo para con nosotros y nuestro pequeños aportes.

    Esperamos decididamente que contribuya o que logre el objetivo de difundir de manera mas dinámica este gran proyecto del libro “Voices of Latin America”para que sea conocido y vendido de manera global.

    Activismo Social+Cine No Ficción/
    Diseño Gráfico/Fotografía/Producción y Diseño Editorial

    Ángela Rodríguez Torres
    Francisco Elías Prada
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