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Globalisation & American Grand Strategy in a Time of Austerity



The Women and US Foreign Policy Interview Project at the School of Advanced Study’s Institute for the Study of the Americas is organising two panels at the international conference on US foreign policy organised by the BISA US Foreign Policy Working Group and the University of Warwick.

This interview project examines the increase in the number and rank of elite women in the US government and an explicit gender agenda within US foreign policy, which claims it is promoting women’s rights. It further examines the details of these changes and what impact US foreign policy, particularly recent missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, has had on the lives of women in affected states. It does so by interviewing those people involved.

The aim of the two conference panels is to explore these relationships between women and foreign policy, relations which are often ignored in more traditional discussions of foreign policy. The conference papers will be included in an edited monograph collection with the Institute for the Study of the Americas’ publication series.

Call for papers 

We invite paper proposals on any topics related to the relations between women and foreign policy. Please submit paper proposals of 350 words to Matthew Alan Hill Any questions about the submission process should also be directed to Matthew.

Venue: University of Warwick

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