Media Analysis

Media Analysis was carried out by searching the archives of leading Brazilian national print newspapers for the period January 2016 to May 2020. The newspapers searched were O Globo, Estadão and Folha de S.Paulo. Also a small number of regional newspapers was searched, A Crítica and Em Tempo for Amazonas, A Gazeta de Cuiabá for Mato Grosso and Correio do Estado for Mato Grosso do Sul. Search terms were devised corresponding to the thematic concerns of the Indigenous Brazil Violated project.

A second, pilot study, examined the use of social media by indigenous organisations during the same period. The Facebook posts of six indigenous organisations were examined, using the same criteria as for the print media analysis. While the conclusions were interesting, it became clear that the differences between newspaper and social media content necessitate a fresh approach because social media content has a different aim and seeks to address a different audience. Future research might look for continuities and disparities between indigenous social media communication and content on indigenous issues produced by other relevant parties.

The full reports of the Media Analysis and Social Media Pilot Study can be viewed or downloaded here:

The results listed below are a selection of those articles in the Media Analysis which covered the themes in some detail and are not a complete register of every mention of theme keywords. For each article in the list below we included the Date of Publication, Author, Section and Page Number of the source. For the most important articles, a brief summary is provided and the URL of the specific article is given. To see these details, click on any article in the list. The filters in the sidebar to the right can be used to view articles concerning a particular Study Area, Location, Indigenous Group or Topic.

Readers should note that the three leading national newspapers included here do not permit their article archives to be read unless you have paid a subscription. Even where we have provided the URL, it is unlikely you will be able to access the article without payment.

Philippe Watanabe, Folha de S.Paulo - 27th April, 2020
Felipe Resk, Estadão - 22nd April, 2020
Leão Serva, Folha de S.Paulo - 18th April, 2020

Part of the Sebastião Salgado na Amazônia series. Discusses the threat posed by COVID-19 to the Parque Indígena do Xingu and the impacts of agrotoxins used by local soya farmers

Leão Serva, Folha de S.Paulo -

Part of the Sebastião Salgado na Amazônia series. Covers the history of the Xingu – indigenous culture and habits – as well as the threats posed by invaders – forest fires and climate change

Leandro Prazeres, O Globo - 11th April, 2020
Daniel Biasetto, O Globo - 9th April, 2020
Fábio Fabrini, Folha de S.Paulo - 3rd April, 2020