Brazil’s Indigenous groups demand a voice in new soybean railway project. Mongabay/Latin America Bureau
The Ferrogrão railway project has been met with resistance from Indigenous peoples who will be impacted by the socio-environmental risks associated with the project.
The deliberate killing and starvation of indigenous Yanomami people in Roraima state is the direct result of the policies of the Bolsonaro government. As the new Lula administration rushes emergency aid to the area, calls are being made for Bolsonaro to be tried for genocide.
Director Marcos Colón has made a remarkable film about the Amazon, charting how in three countries, Brazil, Peru and Colombia, 'modernity' means exploitation and destruction. He interviews indigenous leaders with a very different vision.
OPEN FIRE (FOGO ABERTO), the latest online multimedia work by photographic activist Marilene Ribeiro, details her perspective on the fires that have decimated Brazilian biological, social, and cultural heritage, reminding us of historical acts of burning in the Amazon and the Pantanal, as well as in the National Museum, the Brazilian Film Library and the Museum […]
Since 2020, more than 400 farms located inside Indigenous territories have been granted titles thanks to a new ruling from the National Indian Foundation (Funai), now heavily influenced by agribusiness. New ruling IN-09 allows farms located inside unratified Indigenous Territories to be certified and registered in the Federal Land Management System.
Peruvian coca farmers are actively recruiting Brazilian indigenous workers from the Alto Salimöes region to harvest and transport coca. Violence and exploitation are rife.
What is happening in the Amazon is a war -- against the rainforest, its original inhabitants, and also against the rest of the world. Perhaps this is the Third World War, the war to end all wars?
The arrival of Covid-19 devastated Latin America. Across the region, there are calls to build a more just economy and society than the one that was left behind.
Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira were murdered in a remote area of the Amazon – almost certainly by or on the orders of those who run the illegal trade in fish, timber, drugs and minerals. President Bolsonaro has fuelled lawlessness by his rhetoric.
The Javari reserve in Amazonas, where Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira disappeared, is a wild-west border region with multiple problems of drug trafficking, smuggling and land grabbing.