The books and articles listed below are a bibliography and for background reading concerning indigenous communities in Brazil

Antonio Ioris, Ethnopolitics - 29th June, 2020

ABSTRACT: Frontiers of national development and agricultural expansion constitute spaces of intense interaction, disputes and contestation. The Brazilian economy continues to largely rely on the opening of agribusiness frontiers in the west of country and, similar to what happened in the past, this is a phenomenon shaped by acute racism and discrimination against the Indigenous […]

, ISA - 25th June, 2020

A very useful database and map which can be searched by the name of a Terra Indígena, Povo, Situacão Jurídica or Estado

Sue Branford, LAB - 10th June, 2020

As Covid-19 affects older people more fatally, many indigenous leaders are dying, taking with them precious knowledge

ed. Tom Gatehouse, LAB - 18th January, 2019

Affects of dams, roads, mining and other intrusions on indigenous lives

Mauricio Torres & Sue Branford, LAB - 1st December, 2018