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Listening to Women Resisting Violence

Bonus episode of Women Resisting Violence podcast released



On International Women’s Day, LAB and King’s College London release a bonus episode of our podcast, Women Resisting Violence, discussing the power of podcasting for social change with leading audio producers from Latin America and representatives from the fearless women’s organisations featured in the podcast.

Podcasting is a way of communicating, of building hope. Women Resisting Violence

This bonus podcast episode, titled ‘Listening to Women Resisting Violence’, produced by Janno Media, contextualises the powerful stories of transformation and solidarity showcased in the Women Resisting Violence podcast.

It is based on an online discussion presenting the podcast project, which foregrounds the voices of women who have both suffered violence and who are building campaigns and initiatives to fight against gendered violence from the grassroots up.

‘We’re not just talking about women’s experiences of gendered violence, but how they’re involved in actively resisting’

We specifically focus on podcasting as a medium to positively influence broader policies around violence against women, speaking to the activists who participate in the podcasts, as well as podcast producers, like WRV’s Louise Morris, for a discussion about contemporary forms of activism and collaboration across borders.

We comment on the power of podcasting for social change, hearing from leading audio producers from Latin America, representatives from the fearless women’s organisations featured in the podcast, women who dubbed the episodes and other activists and creatives in the field.

‘podcast as a medium is very powerful, because in generates intimacy with the listener[…]like whispering in their ear’

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Listen to the bonus episode here, or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcasting platforms.

Thank you to our speakers Stef Arreaga, Gilmara Garcia and Andreza Dionísio, our contributors, including Cal Angrisini, Elizabeth Jiménez Yañez, Ana Rojas, Catalina May, Silvia Viñas and Diego Morales, and to our interpreters. 

Thanks to Janno Media for producing this bonus episode, and to the Women Resisting Violence team: Cathy McIlwaine, Jelke Boeston, Louise Morris, Marilyn Thomson, Patricia Muñoz Cabrera and Rebecca Wilson.

This event was held online by the Latin America Bureau and the Gender Studies Network at King’s College London and this episode was produced by Janno Media, featuring music by Rebeca Lane. The Women Resisting Violence project was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Impact Acceleration Account held at King’s College London.

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