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Munduruku people in the Amazon: “Police and armed forces surround our villages”


Sue Branford and Nayana Fernandez in Brazil. Post 6. Jacareacanga, Pará, September 16 2013. Back in Jacareacanga, Naya has started work on a film documentary about the visit. Two Munduruku warrior women who went to a demonstration at Belo Monte against the dam planned there, filmed at Boca das Tropas. Photo: Nayana Fernandez They said: “The impact of these projects is a very bad thing for us. The government is going ahead with this projects and every day it is more advanced. Every day they’re arriving with different things. At the moment it’s more police and the arms forces are surrounding our villages. They think they are going to intimidate us, but we’re never going to be intimidated. Because we are here to fight for our people, for our children, for our nature. We’re going to save all this.”

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