The Condor and the Eagle (2019) is a prize-winning documentary film directed by Sophie and Clément Guerra, about the collective struggle of the Indigenous peoples of North and South America to defend their land and water against the oil and mining companies that have occupied and desecrated their homelands and their environment. Screening in London […]
LAB’s Tom Gatehouse talks to those affected by recent tailings dams disasters in Brazil On 25 January last year, a massive tailings dam collapsed at the Córrego do Feijão iron ore mine near Brumadinho in the state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil’s traditional mining heartlands. 11.7 million cubic metres of toxic mud went cascading down […]
This article was sent to LAB by a correspondent based in Santiago. It’s 11 January 2020, and I am sitting on a hot and unforgiving cement esplanade, at the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Chile’s national Memory and Human Rights Museum. The mood is generally good natured, but somewhat restive: in between the official […]
This article was published by Bolivia Information Forum as BIF Bulletin No.47, 20 January 2020. Weblinks to BIF Bulletins are also available through the BIF Twitter account here: Banner image: Cartoon by Al Azar (Alejandro Salazar) In spite of its interim status, the government of self-proclaimed president Jeanine Añez gives the impression that it intends […]
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro aroused global indignation in November when he affirmed: ‘Look, you’re not going to do away with deforestation, or the burning – its cultural’. But if he had said: ‘Look, you’re not going to do away with deforestation or the burning, because they are supported by federal laws passed before I became […]
On 10 December, Alberto Fernández and his deputy Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (no relation) assumed the Argentine presidency marking an end to the right wing administration of Mauricio Macri. The General Election had been held on 27 October with 33,858,733 Argentines heading to the polls, representing a turnout of just under 82%. The victorious Fernández, […]
In the villages of Tabatinga, Amazonas, Ticuna midwives work according to ancestral traditions, honing their skills generation after generation. However, they remain unrecognised by the state. Translated for LAB by Tom Gatehouse. You can read the original (in Portuguese) here. This is the first in what we hope will be a series of articles by […]
In 2013, during the building of the Teles Pires dam in the Brazilian Amazon, the Teles Pires Hydroelectric Company (CHTP) dynamited Karobixexe (Seven Rapids), a sacred site of the Munduruku, Apiaká and Kayabi peoples. Located just outside an indigenous reserve, it received no government protection. Also during construction, the firm removed funeral urns from a […]
Banner image, above. From the website of the Ministry of Justice and Institutional Transparency: “Investigations will proceed into 592 former government officials and their relatives to recover deposits made abroad.” Some weeks ago nobody would have imagined that the Bolivian Prosecution Service would issue an arrest warrant against the former president, Evo Morales, whose government […]
President Michel Temer issued a presidential decree in 2017 to open up the vast 4.6 million hectare (17,800 square mile) RENCA preserve in the northern Amazon to mining. Meeting with a firestorm of criticism he abandoned the effort. Sources now say the Bolsonaro administration is poised to quietly revive plans to open RENCA in 2020. […]