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Area of work: Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada Open Americas (OA) is a platform for sharing content that engages with contemporary social issues facing the Western Hemisphere. We advocate a diversity of thought through information, whether it be conveyed through research, literature, reviews, or photographs. OA does not strictly adhere to any political or religious […]
Harnessing Afro-Ecuadorian women’s heritage/Recuperando y Celebrando la Herencia de las Mujeres Afroecuatorianas Area of work: Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador RECLAMA (Harnessing Afro-Ecuadorian women’s heritage) is a decolonial, anti-racist and feminist research project, drawing conceptually on geography and critical history, using oral history tools and participatory methodologies to strengthen the reexistencia (literally, “re-existence”) of Afro-descendant-black women, with […]
Latin American Foundation for the Future is a UK-registered charity based in Cusco, Peru, with a mission to work with local partners to provide quality education and personal development to children and young people in vulnerable conditions. Our vision is of a Latin America where all children and young people have full support in accessing […]
UVOC es una organización campesina e indigena de lucha de clases sociales, con apego y respeto a la Cosmovisión Maya, y respeto al equilibrio entre todas las personas; que se inspira en la resistencia histórica de los pueblos indigenas y su derecho ancestral a la tenencia, uso y control de su territorio; y que contribuye […]
Scholars for Academic Freedom in Brazil works to support Brazilian academics under threat following Jair Bolsonaro’s election as President. We currently have about 300 members subscribing to our closed Facebook groupand a similar number signed up to our Google Group (join at: Scholars for Academic Freedom in Brazil was set up in late 2018, with […]
Centro de Estudios Internacionales Estratégicos Working in: Medellín, Antioquía, Colombia We promote research into various themes of social interest via the Centre for International Strategic Studies (CIEE). We emphasize leadership and ethical values to convert dreams and good intentions into quantifiable results. We support our community by understanding and knowledge in the various areas of […]
Cine Latino celebrates the outstanding work of Latinx filmmakers. Our screenings, film workshops, panel talks and Q&As offer a deeper understanding of the vibrant Latin American film industry and shed a light on current social issues and concerns that are portrayed in creative and innovative films. Contacts Contact Person: Karoline Pelikan Email address: Website: […]
Donde trabajamos Caracas,Venezuela and Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico Contactos Contacto: Francisco Prada Correo electrónico: Sitio web: Teléfono: 00+58+414+0128389 Página en Facebook: ref=br_rs Twitter: YouTube: fbclid=IwAR2WCIYwoL2LwKzCzKlzFHYMCfhcLapOXFZ K8zpAwp3spnUTQgScBTfxI5g Últimas noticias 1: fbclid=IwAR3ClpPNzXga0wYAr00H3Or7hHblgw0_MzyC iKEgqFi1ptahFqXccGdhKYc 2: fbclid=IwAR2vrGqpzfUYD9aJTAZL5Hee0ZQa4gVXeB1 L21tTKyX9lqZ6hIXCO4Jl4KA 3: fbclid=IwAR3QwbUaj1Z_uL32gQHWSexsNHGg9h63ibT AuviTzYAFZbwtwqQSdCMCKhU 4: fbclid=IwAR2pmvYyGJy9CmeS3e_o_jfOWMxxLrMbeD 2-iH54KHLqQetu674Df86nVNo 5: fbclid=IwAR07IL8EPwAFT3tQGmQ7En5zzXKG_4v9Nwf foEWRe-4U9z2b6qUC1ht4c_c Pumé, short […]
We are a cultural journalism website, focussing on Latin American cultural production and issues, with a focus on Latin events in Bristol. As well as covering topics such as film, art, literature, music, theatre, politics and food & drink; we run film screenings, talks and live music events. We work as a platform for people […]
We are a politically pluralist collective of journalists, academics, trade unionists, students, activists, workers and others living in the UK who are concerned about the alarming economic and political situation faced by the people of Argentina at the hands of the disastrous neoliberal model. Our concerns mirror those of millions within the country; record national […]
We publish contemporary fiction from Latin American authors. We want to bring voices, to date unheard and unrepresented, to the UK reader through young, emerging translators. Contact Main contact: Carolina Orloff e-mail address: Phone No: +44 (0)7426 459102 Website: Facebook: Twitter: @CharcoPress Important links to resources Die My Love by Ariana Harwicz […]
We work in culture and academic education in different fields, linking universities and social organizations of Paraguay with regional similar actors. We also support art initiatives by scholarships mainly for young artists.
Argentina Solidarity Campaign is a self-organised collective in the UK that aims to support people in Argentina who are suffering at the hands of the neoliberal and extractivist model and their accompanying exorbitant and unjust policies.
We bring Latin-American reflections on development to English-speaking audiences and serve as a platform for testing, circulating and debating new ideas and reflections.
A media for development organization, providing platforms for dialogue.
The most active Latin American events organisation in the UK
Helps bridge the gap between home and school for children living in Ccorca, a Quechua district in southern Peru
Created in 1967 by UNESCO, it brings together 370 research centres and 650 post-graduate programmes in social sciences and the humanities.
Established to nurture cultural and educational projects which go beyond the obvious representations of Brazil