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Harnessing Afro-Ecuadorian women’s heritage/Recuperando y Celebrando la Herencia de las Mujeres Afroecuatorianas

Area of work: Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador

RECLAMA (Harnessing Afro-Ecuadorian women’s heritage) is a decolonial, anti-racist and feminist research project, drawing conceptually on geography and critical history, using oral history tools and participatory methodologies to strengthen the reexistencia (literally, “re-existence”) of Afro-descendant-black women, with the aim of visibilising their knowledge, and opening up spaces for transmission of their rich cultural heritage.

The purpose is to document the rich heritage of Afro-descendant-black women living in Esmeraldas Province, on the north coast of Ecuador. Through oral histories and art, community and peer researchers will explore memories, experiences and knowledge with Afro- Ecuadorian women, sharing ideas about creating sustainable development, based on peace and community sisterhood, to fight back against sexist and racist violence and extractive capitalism that destroys territories and life itself.

The research team is made up of British and Ecuadorian academics and the Ecuadorian women’s collective Mujeres de Asfalto, and is funded by the British Academy/GCRF Heritage, Dignity and Violence fund.


Contact: Professor Katy Jenkins

Email address:


Twitter: @ProyectoReclama

The importance of our project:

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