Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Ali Rocha is a multimedia journalist and human-rights activist, focusing on state violence in Brazil. Born in São Paulo, she has worked closely with grassroots movements fighting police violence in São Paulo, Rio and Bahia.

Brazil: Bolsonaro is “the backwardness no country deserves”

He is the backwardness no country deserves to have. And we are the women who will not let him win Women in Brazil have become...

Marielle: she inspired all of us

0 Video: The intercept The murder on 14 March of Marielle Franco, a young black city councillor and human rights campaigner, has deeply traumatized Rio de...

Violence in Rio escalates with murder of city councillor

Little did she know that she would be the next victim when Marielle Franco, a left-wing city councillor, penned her last twitter post, denouncing...

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