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Here, LAB contributors reflect on books, films, photography, music and artwork speaking up for social and environmental justice in Latin America.

Nano Stern sings Víctor Jara at the Jazz Café 

We are at the Jazz Café to celebrate Jara’s life and I can't think of anyone better to do this with than Nano Stern, Chilean singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and the heir to the Nueva canción tradition.

La Pampa: The horrors of illegal gold mining

This impactful drama from Peruvian director Dorian Fernández Moris recounts life for women in the hellish La Pampa, an illegal gold mining site in the Peruvian Amazon.

Cholitas: Aymara women conquer the Aconcagua

In this captivating documentary film, Spanish directors Jaime Murciego and Pablo Iraburu present the story of five Bolivian Aymara women as they pursue their dream of climbing the highest mountain in the Americas, the Aconcagua.  

‘The Cow Who Sang a Song into the Future’: a grim...

Chilean director Francisca Alegria’s surreal debut film is a 90-minute magical realist eco-fable that was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

Five films by Latin American women to see in 2023

Five top films directed by Latin American women, in celebration of International Women's Day. Including The Eternal Memory by Maite Alberdi.

A visual chronicle of Venezuela’s downfall

Adriana Loureiro Fernández is a Venezuelan photojournalist documenting everyday life in her home country. Here, Ines Fernandez-Pontes offers a profile of the photojournalist and a deeper dive into her photographic series Paraíso Perdido.

Mexico: the ‘efecto corruptor’

Netflix docu-series 'A Kidnapping Scandal: The Florence Cassez Affair' sheds light on one of Mexico's most controversial corruption cases –without glorifying the horror experienced.

This Stolen Country of Mine: Neo-Colonialism in Ecuador

This Stolen Country of Mine is a gripping documentary following resistance leader Paúl Jarrín and investigative journalist Fernando Villavicencio, as they fight to stop...

Marginalized voices of Carnaval de Baranquilla

Through secretly filmed performances with members of marginalized communities – including Indigenous, queer, and Afro-Colombian people – La Nave provides a unique insight into the Carnaval de Barranquilla, northern Colombia’s biggest cultural event. 

Marighella: resisting Brazil’s military dictatorship

Elite Squad and Narcos star Wagner Moura presents an emotive portrait of Afro-Brazilian writer-politician Carlos Marighella – a force de resistance against the 1960s military dictatorship and an inspirational icon for revolutionaries across the globe.

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