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Christian Aid is an international organisation that works globally to tackle the root causes of poverty and together with our partners we provide urgent, practical and effective assistance to communities where the need is greatest. Christian Aid strives to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all, regardless of faith or nationality. See our list of programmes.


Learning K’iche’: “Guatemala, utz awech?”

Learning a language always opens our eyes. Communicating in another language does not mean just translating word-by-word ideas and concepts, but rather this journey forces us...

Amazon at Risk: it affects us all

‘Amazon at Risk – it affects us all’ This was the theme of an event held in Belém, in the Brazilian Amazon, which started on...

Bolivia: 50 NGOs offer to work for peace

0 More than 50 development and human rights institutions in Bolivia have come together to appeal for a peaceful solution as the country is plunged...

We are the Amazon

After the Catholic Church started the preparation for its Amazon Synod, Christian Aid’s Latin America and the Caribbean division worked with faith-based organisations across the region. Together...

Colombia: as the peace accords atrophy, it’s back to armed force

Colombia is once again at the of international news stories, with the announcement of a return to arms by some former leaders of the...

N.E.Brazil: church mission denounces water inequality

Brazil is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world and contains 20% of the Earth´s water springs – but all this is threatened...

Colombia´s anti-drugs policies: evidence versus ideology

In Colombia, a new voluntary crop substitution programme was designed with participation of many of the small-scale coca producers themselves. This was a key...

Petition for the Amazon: put people’s rights first

***** to sign, click here Rainforest fires: put Amazonian people's rights first. LAB partner Christian Aid is inviting the public to sign a new petition...

The Brumadinho dam collapse: six months on

This edited extract from Christian Aid Brazil Programme's newsletter, updates and expands on the earlier article published by LAB. 'The lessons of Brumadinho: put...

Protecting the Amazon rainforest: make indigenous communities the priority

Commenting on UK prime minister Boris Johnson's announcement of new funding to tackle deforestation in the Amazon, Christian Aid’s Bolivia country ...

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