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Christian Aid is an international organisation that works globally to tackle the root causes of poverty and together with our partners we provide urgent, practical and effective assistance to communities where the need is greatest. Christian Aid strives to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all, regardless of faith or nationality. See our list of programmes.


Guatemala: presidential hopefuls inspire little confidence

Written by Nathalie Mercier, Christian Aid’s Programme Officer in Guatemala Decision day is fast approaching for Guatemalans awaiting the result of the country’s presidential elections. Neither...

Structural violence and displacement in Central America and Colombia

This article was prepared for Christian Aid by Nathalie Mercier (Guatemala), Maria Useche (Colombia), Tania Grande (El Salvador) and Javier SanVicente (Honduras) Main image: migrant...

The lesson of Brumadinho: put rights before profits

This edited extract from a Christian Aid report, dated 11 June 2019, was prepared by LAB When a dam at Vale SA’s iron ore mine...

The Peace Agreement three years on – Afro-Colombian and Indigenous perspectives

Three years ago, the Colombian government and its armed opponents of fifty years signed a peace agreement that offered a framework for ending violent conflict and...

El Salvador: reconciliation or impunity?

El Salvador’s Legislative Assembly is expected to vote soon on a controversial new 'Special Law of Transitional and Restorative Justice for National Reconciliation'. Despite...

Water for Life

On 22 March, World Water Day, CONIC, Christian Aid and CREAS launched an online training course for faith communities in Brazil: 'Water for Life....

Brumadinho: a gallery of destruction

On 25 January 2019 a huge tailings dam at the Feijão iron ore mine, near Brumadinho, in Minas Gerais, Brazil, collapsed suddenly and catastrophically....

Bolivia: land rights victory for Tsimane people

Even though Bolivia has had a progressive government for more than a decade (one of the last remaining in the region), indigenous rights are...

The two faces of Norway’s rainforest policies

Norway gives billions to Brazil to save the rainforest. At the same time, Norsk Hydro’s operations lead to large emissions of greenhouse gases...

Brazil: The toxic impact of bauxite mining in Oriximiná

In a book released by the Comissão Pró-Índio de São Paulo this week, the affected population reveals the socio-environmental consequences of 40 years of...

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