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Honduras 6

In his final blog James Watson expresses his enormous admiration for the Honduran people in their struggle against corruption, exploitation and social injustice.

Honduras 5: the pernicious impact of mining

Honduras is in the process of giving away almost a third of its land territory to mining companies, with a horrific impact on people and the environment.

Honduras 3: thousands march against corruption

James Watson took part in the largest demonstration in Honduras in recent history. This is his account.

Honduras 4: the UN arrives

James Watson spends a night with the hunger-strikers, as the police reacts more aggressively to the continued mass mobilisation.

Honduras 2: the Antorchas movement against corruption

In his second blog from Honduras, James Watson tells the story of the amazing emergence of the protest movement in Tegucigalpa.

Honduras 1: Indigenous groups defend their land

In the first of a series of posts, James Watson describes the work of COPINH to protect their land and the environment.

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