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SLAS to fund LAB’s Voices webinars

Update on the region's vibrant social movements and what has happened in the past two years.



LAB is delighted to announce that we have been awarded funding from the Society of Latin America Studies (SLAS). The grant will be used to produce a series of online seminars as part of LAB’s Voices of Latin America project.

Our book Voices of Latin America and its associated website were published in January 2019, the fruit of more than four years work. LAB’s dedicated team of expert volunteers brought together interviews with 74 social movement activists in 14 countries of Latin America. These activists are the people from whom progressive change is coming to the region: they can inspire us all.

Some of the Voices interviewed for the book

Voices is much more than a book published at a particular point in time: new material is constantly being added to the Voices website, so that the information is brought up-to-date. Of course, much has happened since the book was published:

  • 2019 saw popular protests and brutal police retaliation in Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador as people demanded dignity;
  • The policies of the governments of AMLO, Iván Duque, Jair Bolsonaro, and Lenín Moreno have threatened, and continue to threaten, indigenous peoples and the environment;
  • Coups in Bolivia and Peru have been overturned by the power of popular vote and protest;
  • Lockdowns due to the pandemic have raised the threats and levels of violence against women, LGBT+ communities, and social activists across the region.

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The upcoming seminars will discuss these developments and more with experts, LAB’s Voices authors and, of course, the voices of our Latin American social movement activists who are making change happen.

Thanks to SLAS funding, LAB will be able to carry out new interviews and publish an archive of material to the Voices website as we continue to amplify the voices of Latin America.

Follow LAB’s website, social media, and/or newsletter for the details of the seminars as they are made available.