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Powerful politicians in Guatemala overlooked the tiny centre-left Semilla Party who, with its offer of ‘a new Guatemalan Spring’, won a landslide victory against the UNE party of Sandra Torres on August 20.
Alberto Fuentes, co-director of the Historical Police Archive of Guatemala, and Ana Lucía Cuevas reviewing documents found at what is now known as the Historical Archives of the National Police of Guatemala, c/o
In September, the presiding judge in the Death Squad Diary case stated the defendants had a case to answer – good news for the search for justice in Guatemala. But in October, the lead prosecutor was transferred from her role investigating genocide and mass human rights violations. This was a critical blow to Guatemala's justice system.
The collective 8 Tijax was formed in 2017 in Guatemala in response to a massacre at the Virgen de la Asunción Children’s home. 8 Tijax is a group of volunteers who work with the families of victims and survivors and support their campaigns for justice in the courts.
Documentary film by Ana Lucía Cuevas centres on a filmmaker's search for answers about what happened to her brother, his wife and child, all abducted during the Guatemalan Civil War.

Emerging Out of the Fog

Nathalie Mercier has been working as a human rights observer in Guatemala, as the country grapples with its history of 45,000 'disappeared'.

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