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Thanks from Venezuela for Voices of Latin America

Venezuelan photographer Francisco Elías Prado sent this message to LAb


Photographer Francisco Elias Prado, of Ojos Ilegales, in Caracas Venezuela, has sent LAB this video. He produced a photo-essay, Transmigración en Movimiento, from which LAB used the image (on p.187 of Voices of Latin America) of Ana Enamorado, a Honduran woman living in Mexico and working with the Movimiento Migrante Mesoamericano (MMM). Her own son is one of the disappeared migrants, and it is his photo that she holds in the photo.

Francisco also sent this message:

A greeting Mike and Tom from Venezuela to the UK, waiting for the best in the personal for you and your family and the projects that you carry forward from LAB. We wanted to thank immensely for sending 3 copies of the book Voices of Latin America, to give our sincere thanks and please extend it to all the team that worked on this great project, which tells us live and from its essential protagonists the struggles and resistances of peoples and communities throughout our Abya Yala (Latin America).

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We also want to tell you that here the situation in Venezuela is more complex every day, there is a structural crisis of a whole system, which goes beyond the ideological currents that fight for power (on the one hand, Maduro and its allowed Revolution that drives a capitalist process on behalf of a false socialism of the 21st century with its Russia-China partners and on the other hand the traditional forces of the more conservative fascist right rejuvenated with new faces fighting for massive private investment, for more aggressive alliances with transnational capital having as partner to the USA that they advocate a military invasion).

Here there is abundant material to develop a work (research, photography, documentary film) and here many of the most important struggles that take shape in Abya Yala are defined. I tell you this so that you know our willingness and professionalism to collaborate and be part of an initiative that we could build in this order.

We made a small video with the intention of spreading with our contacts, friends, colleagues and communities where we made activism the editorial project of the book Voices of Latin America that you directed and our small participation in it, I hope if it is also your interest to spread it in your media.

Grateful and willing to build proposals together.
Francisco Elías Prada
+58 2127633834 Workshop
+58 4140128389


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