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The Power of Hip Hop in Protest



At the Activism against extractive industries and performance activism conference, held by Latin America is Moving Collective in February, 2021, Louise Morris spoke with Costa Rican hip hop artist, Nakury, about the power of hip hop in protests, somatic solidarity, empowerment through hip hop culture, and how we can effectively harness music in social movements.

The talk was chaired by Paula Serafini (CAMEo Research Institute, University of Leicester), author of the book Performance Action: the Politics of Art Activism.

Interview begins at 02:45.

About the series:

As a way to explore Latin American social movements before and after the pandemic, the Latin America is Moving Collective launched a new online seminar series. Each of the three seminars brought together ‘flash talks’ from experts and break-out discussion sessions with the audience. Attendees were engaged to think about the difficult questions raised by research, on one hand, and activists and collectives’ demands, on the other. For LAB, this initiative is a continuation of our Voices of Latin America work.

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