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ULAM (Union Latinoamericana De Mujeres)

ULAM is a network of grassroots women organisations across Latin America who are defending the environment and their human rights against the extractive industry. A principle aim of ULAM is ‘to ensure that governments and corporations uphold women’s rights to participate in and challenge mining policies/practices.”

Further aims are to

  1. Position the Network as a regional platform where, collectively, activists will be able to
    • learn about their rights and feel safe to participate in development decisions,
    • produce a nurturing environment for the exchange of experiences and a wider understanding of global mining issues.
  2. Build their capacity to participate in issues of development.
  3. Influence all stakeholders.
  4. Generate research that facilitates the development of a gender-orientated perspective on mining, grounded in women’s experiences.


    • Contact Person: – Daniel Rowe

Important links to resources

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  2. Information on the Yukpa struggle
  3. One of our affiliated groups in Ecuador
  4. One of our affiliated women in Peru.
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