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LAB’s new, major book project is Voices of Latin America, due to be published in 2018. We have so far collected more than 60 interviews in 13 countries and more are on their way. The interviewees are social movement activists involved in such things as:

  • campaigns against state violence
  • women defending their rights and fighting domestic abuse
  • indigenous communities resisting the intrusions of mining and oil companies, hydro-electic dams which will destroy their fisheries and over-zealous conservation projects that threaten their sustainable livelihoods
  • LGBT activists keen to defend and advance their rights and to defend themselves against hate attacks
  • communities in Colombia attempting to consolidate the peace
  • rural co-operatives in El Salvador and Nicaragua
  • communities in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Colombia, fighting exploitation by mining companies
  • people from the area of Minas Gerais, Brazil, devastated by the Samarco mine tailings dam collapse in 2015.

More than a book: a website: an ongoing discussion and a living collection

Voices is planned to be much more than just a printed book. We will collect on the Voices website (special pages within LAB’s main website), video, audio, photos, transcripts, articles and other material which was collected, but could not be included in the book. But we will continuously add to this material long after the book has gone to press, so that the website will become a continuous extension to the book. We will encourage partners in the region, activists, researchers and others to add to this material. And we will open it up to comment and discussion so that it can become a live resource for campaigners, researchers, students and all who are interested in the region.


Latin America is probably home to more and more diverse social movements than any other part of the world. More than just defensive campaigns, many share a determination to create new ways of working and acting and are evolving from different ideas for worlds and our place in them. The indigenous worldview and relationship to land and ecosphere is especially important, but even in the centres of cities new models are being tried for housing, work and community participation. Voices will seek to capture this.

Watch this space

In additions to this article and later, on special pages on LAB’s website, we will bring you quotations and video from some of the voices we have collected.

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