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Looking for bilingual Brazilian Portuguese/ English speakers


Latin America Bureau and King’s College London are Looking for bilingual Brazilian Portuguese/ English speakers with a Rio accent, to dub a new podcast on combatting violence against women.

We need actors to interpret the voices of women working in grassroots women’s organisations, conveying their emotions in English.

  • Acting experience is preferred
  • You must be London-based
  • Aged 30-70 (exact age ranges below)
  • Recording dates: September 1-18 and October 12-28
  • Payment: £40 for 1 hour session

Voices needed:

  1. Brazilian (ideally Rio accent) – medium-pitched, slightly gravelly edge to voice, direct, matter of fact, determined. Age: 50s/60s
  2. Brazilian (ideally Rio accent) – medium-high attractive tone, passionate, more musical. Age: 40s (30s acceptable)
  3. Brazilian (ideally Rio accent) – medium-low pitched voice, slightly more hesitant, softly spoken, emphatic. Age: 60s
  4. Brazilian (any accent) – medium-high pitched voice – clear, bright, friendly. Age: 30s/40s

If this is you, please send a one-minute voice note introducing yourself or speaking on any topic, to

N.B. We are also looking for Guatemalan Spanish-speakers for another episode of the podcast. See here.

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