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The multilingual podcast Women Resisting Violence is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese on all major streaming platforms, with episodes originally released on November 25, in line with the international 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence.

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About the podcast

The three-part podcast series focuses on the inspirational stories of key changemakers, the challenges they have faced and the lessons they can teach us in how to resist intersectional gendered violence against women. These women have reshaped their communities’ attitudes and helped transform the lives of those impacted by violence, working collaboratively to advocate for change at an institutional level. The podcasts foreground women’s personal experiences — both those of the activists running projects and those of their beneficiaries. They can be used as teaching resources for community groups, NGOs and students.


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25 November, 2021

Women Resisting Violence: 1. Mourning the 56 in Guatemala

‘The government wants to erase our children’s memory and I can’t allow it as a mother looking for justice.’

On 8 March 2017, 56 girls were locked in a classroom of their state-run children’s home just outside Guatemala City. When a fire broke out, only 15 survived. Four years later no one has been sentenced for these crimes. This episode focuses on the enduring work of Ocho Tijax, a women’s group caring for the girls’ families and the survivors as well as fighting their case in the courts. We also hear from Vianney, the mother of Ashly Angelie Rodriguez Hernandez, who lost her life in the fire.

Plaza memorial Tragedia del Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asuncion Guatemala

English audio

Audio en español

2 December, 2021

Women Resisting Violence: 2. Rio’s Trailblazing Women’s House

‘If Black women in Brazil are the ones who suffer the most from gender-based violence, it is these women that have to be there drawing up public policy’

Located in one of the largest favelas in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, and led by Eliana Sousa Silva and her colleagues from the Redes da Maré, the Casa Das Mulheres provides much needed education around gender violence, and support for those leaving abusive relationships, in an area where the police refuse to intervene. It’s been a lifeline for many during COVID when many favela residents lost their jobs, providing work and distributing food to starving families as well as dealing with a huge rise in domestic violence.

Rio’s Trailblazing Women’s House Redes da Mare Women Resisting Violence podcast episode 2

English audio

Áudio em português

9 December, 2021

Women Resisting Violence: 3. Step Up Migrant Women

‘If you don’t have the right to request emergency help from public services, how are you going to survive?’

Gil migrated to the UK from Brazil with her partner and children as a tourist, and subsequently became undocumented. When she fled abuse, she was met with hostility by UK police and ended up homeless with a child in mid-December. Finding the Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) changed her life and Gil now works on the group's Step Up Migrant Women Campaign to highlight the vulnerability of migrant women with insecure immigration status in situations of domestic abuse. LAWRS also works with Migrants in Action (MinA), a community theatre group dedicated to Brazilian women in London who have experienced gender violence. Through theatre, they build a sense of community, understand and break cycles of violence and raise their visibility as migrant women.

Women Resisting Violence Episode 3 Step Up Migrant Women London

In English

En español

Em português

8 March, 2022

Bonus episode: Listening to Women Resisting Violence

'Podcasting as a medium is very powerful, because in generates intimacy with the listener [...] like whispering in their ear.'

Based on an online discussion around the power of podcasting for social change, this bonus episode contextualises the powerful stories of transformation and solidarity showcased in the Women Resisting Violence podcast. Thanks to all who contributed to this discussion, including leading audio producers from Latin America, representatives from the fearless women’s organisations featured in the podcast, women who dubbed their voices in the podcast, and a wider public of organisations, activists, social workers and students. This episode was produced by Janno Media.

Listening to Women Resisting Violence bonus episode

Me ha encantado conocer este proyecto, esta forma de conectar y trabajar juntas. Enhorabuena.

(Ana Alcalde, WIDE+)

Muchas gracias por el espacio. Un proyecto muy inspirador. 

(Verónica Posada Álvarez, Latin London Podcast)

It was very inspiring to hear from the contributors as well as the wider community of producers out there. I really enjoyed listening to the final episodes, completely agree about this being an important social document as well as a vehicle for change.

(Chris Paul, documentary maker and producer)

I thought the event was incredible! I was delighted to hear so much great stuff being said about podcasting as a tool for not just communication but activism – it’s exactly the sort of thread I want to pull at, so I couldn’t be happier to be involved.

(Sassy Clyde, Janno Media)

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