Friday, June 21, 2024

What is LAB?

Established in 1977, Latin America Bureau (LAB) is an online and in-print publisher and web-platform for independent news about Latin America, focusing on struggles for social and environmental justice and conveying the voices of frontline partners in the region. We are a UK-registered charity and not-for-profit company.

What does LAB do?

We report from the frontline of Latin America’s struggles for social justice

LAB publishes news and analysis on human, social and environmental rights in Latin America, highlighting the grassroots activism of social movements and conveying the testimony of those involved. We have published over 200 books about struggles for justice in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We make sense of the continent’s stories

LAB follows stories over time, long after they fade from the media spotlight, and explores links and parallels with similar movements and events in other countries of the region. We bring to English-speaking readers some of the region’s radical ideas about social justice and sustainable alternatives to the prevalent neo-liberal economic model.

Volunteers and training

LAB is an ever-expanding network of volunteer translators, writers, editors and thinkers. We help independent writers gain skills in research, interviewing, composing and editing articles. We collaborate withh skilled video editors and audio producers to provide multimedia content, and we enable our volunteers to learn about fundraising and campaigning as well as working in a charity.

Impact and Engagement

We collaborate with university researchers to help and train them to disseminate their work ‘beyond the campus’ to wider publics, in a simple, impactful way. 

Values: Why does LAB exist?

  • To promote and protect human, social and environmental rights in Latin America, by supporting activists and movements, enabling them to tell their stories and holding the UK accountable for its economic and diplomatic role in the region.
  • To educate the general public by interpreting Latin American narratives and highlighting what we can learn from Latin America and its indigenous groups.
  • To inform readers through in-depth, impartial, independent journalism and leading academic research, in layman’s terms.

Who are our core benificiaries?

  • The peoples of Latin America, their organisations, activists, communities and  marginalised groups
  • Our readers: curious citizens, travellers, students, researchers, academics, journalists
  • Early-career journalists, volunteers and contributors to LAB
  • Authors who publish their works through LAB
  • Universities and organisations we work with on impact and engagement projects

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