Friday, December 14, 2018


LAB’s major new book, Voices of Latin America is published on 18 January 2019.

The fruit of four years work, it is based on interviews with 74 social movement activists in 14 countries. These are the people from whom progressive change is coming to the region: they can inspire us all.

The themes

Voices is organized into 11 Chapters, as follows:

  1. Introduction: living life on their own terms by Tom Gatehouse
  2. Fighting machismo: women on the front line by Louise Morris
  3. LGBT rights, the rainbow tide by Ali Rocha
  4. The student revolution by Emily Greg
  5. Indigenous peoples and the rights of nature by Linda Etchart
  6. The hydroelectric threat to the Amazon Basin by Marilene Cardoso Ribeiro & Sue Branford
  7. Mining and communities by Tom Gatehouse
  8. State violence, policing and paramilitaries by Mike Gatehouse
  9. Spaces of everyday resistance: the right to the city by Antonia Burchard-Levine
  10. The new journalism: now the people make the news by Mike Gatehouse
  11. Cultural resistance by Louise Morris

After January 2019, Voices will also be an ongoing website, for which this will be the Home Page. You will find a page for each of the chapters in the book, (links in the table of content, above, including the chapter abstract; references (with hyperlinks which make it easy to find them); photos; videos and other reports and articles, as well as additional voices, new testimony, links to longer reports and a platform for comments, sharing of experience and discussion with others. This site will extend the life of the Voices collection far beyond the publication date of the book.

Latest project news

Latest Voices News

Endorsements for Voices of Latin America

Here are some of the endorsements for LAB's new book, Voices of Latin America: Dr Duncan Green, Senior Strategic Adviser, OXFAM: This is a wonderful X-ray of modern Latin America, a vision of the continent's struggles and potential futures through the eyes of its social movement leaders and intellectuals. Read it from end to end, whether as an introduction or an update, or mine it for quotes from inspirational figures across the region on a range of contemporary issues. Latin America (or most of it) has come the end of its progressive 'pink tide' years of the early 2000s. For the...

Voices: a work in progress

Work on LAB's exciting new book Voices of Latin America is progressing rapidly More than 45 of our interviews, from 11 countries, have been translated, and our wonderful team of volunteer editors are at work on the separate chapters The editor and project co-ordinator is Tom Gatehouse Publication date is now set for September 2018 Alongside the book, we will develop the Voices website. This will include more interviews, photos, videos and some of the audio recordings used in the book. But it will be progressively added to to create a constantly growing and up-to-date archive of social...

Voices of Latin America: Thank you to all our generous supporters

We estimate that the total raised from our crowd-funding will be around £12,720 A huge thank you to all our generous supporters. Your pledges on our project Crowdfunding site totalled a magnificent £7,000. We have now received a further £4,000 from our match-funder. We can claim Gift Aid on most of those donations made by UK tax-payers, worth another 25%. This will enable us to pay for some of the daunting amount of editing and translation work and, if necessary, commission further Voices interviews. It's a big boost to the project.  

Voices of Latin America: crowd-funding completed… fund-raising continues

May 18. Our Crowdfunder campaign finished last night. We raised £7,000, but the total will be considerably more because part of this was match-funded. A huge thanks to our 163 generous supporters. It was a great learning experience for the LAB Voices team, and will be excellent advance promotion for the book. More funding needed If you missed the Crowdfunder deadline, it's not too late for you to contribute. Just go to the 'Donate with CAF' button on LAB's Home Page, or click here. Keep watching this space ...for updates on the project as it proceeds. We plan to begin adding audio, video,...

Rogelio: a voice from Colombia

May 11: The last 6 days of our crowd-funding to make voices like this one be heard. "For us our land is everything, it is a God. We call it Mother Earth, because we have lived, being nourished by our mother earth since our roots. Our land is where we stay, where we think, where we farm and where we have all the essential elements that come from water, the earth... That's where we are. That's why we say that for us it is a totality, it is a God, because it is our mother. Without land we would have...

Voices of Latin America: Crowd-funding latest

May 10: With seven days to go, 142 generous supporters have so far pledged £5,705. One generous donor has promised match-funding up to a maximum of £6,000. We know of other donations on their way. But we are still short of our £16,000 target. PLEASE DONATE NOW AND ASK YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES TO DO SO TOO. LAB needs this funding to complete the Voices book (especially the substantial tasks of editing, translation and additional research); to set up and populate the Voices website, which will ensure the continuation of the project past the March 18 publication date of the...