Social Movements and the New Activism

The Book

LAB’s major new book, Voices of Latin America – social movements and the new activism was published on 18 January 2019.

The fruit of four years work, Voices is based on interviews with 74 social movement activists in 14 countries. These are the people from whom progressive change is coming to the region: they can inspire us all.

You can watch the live-stream of the London launch event here.

You can buy copies of the book at: https://developmentbookshop.com/voices-of-latin-america

The US edition of the book is published by Monthly Review Press in association with LAB and Practical Action Publishing. For details of US orders, click here.

The Website

Voices is also an ongoing website, for which this is the Home Page. You will find a page for each of the chapters in the book (click on the links, below), including: the chapter abstract; references (with hyperlinks which make it easy to find them); photos; videos; further reading; and links to new articles and testimony. This site will extend the life of the Voices collection far beyond the publication date of the book.

Voices videos can also be viewed on LAB’s YouTube channel (you need to click on Playlists on the YouTube menu).

Ayme Tanguila, Ecuador. © Ayme Tanguila 2018

“At the weekend I received the two copies of Voices you sent from England… I don’t know English, but as each word was translated I was moved by my own story. I’m so happy to know that we women and men are acting to bring about a better world. Thank you for sharing my thoughts and ideas. I don’t know who else will have received copies of the book, but I know that new generations are coming, who will have social consciousness.”

Affectionately yours, from far away,

Ayme Tanguila

Latest Voices News

SLAS to fund LAB’s Voices webinars

LAB is delighted to announce that we have been awarded funding from the Society of Latin America Studies (SLAS). The grant will be used to produce a series of online seminars as part of LAB’s Voices of Latin America project. Our book Voices of Latin America and its associated website were published in January 2019, the fruit of more than four years work. LAB's dedicated team of expert volunteers brought together interviews with 74 social movement activists in 14 countries of Latin America. These activists are the people from whom progressive change is coming to the region: they can inspire...

LAB’s Voices at Crickhowell Literary Festival

LAB's Voices of Latin America featured in a session at the 2019 Crickhowell Literary Festival. Editor Tom Gatehouse, who grew up and went to school in the area, introduced the book, with Brecon-based Claudia Orellana (from Chile) and Cardiff-based actor Kristoffer Huball reading the voices of four of the social activists who are interviewed in the book (see below).

Voices at El Sueño Existe, 2019

LAB was present at Wales’ own Latin America Festival, called El Sueño Existe, held in Machynlleth every other year since 2001. We had a lively session on our latest books, Amazon Besieged and Voices of Latin America; LAB author Louise Morris took part in the discussion workshop on Reproductive Rights in Latin America, while Rachel Simon spoke at the workshop entitled 'Do Women Do Politics Differently?', which looked at examples of women's involvement in grassroots political organising in Latin America; we sold over £300-worth of books and there was lots...

Voices launched in New York

Hosted by Monthly Review Press, NACLA, Voices editor Tom Gatehouse, and the New York Latin America Bureau team, Voices of Latin America: Social Movements and the New Activism was launched in Brooklyn, New York on 16th May at the Verso loft in Jay Street, on the East River under the shadow of the historic Brooklyn Bridge.The event was chaired via Skype by Marcos Orellana, Director of Environment and Human Rights at Human Rights Watch.In addition to human rights work, Marcos represented the eight-nation Independent Association of Latin America and the Caribbean (AILAC) in the negotiations of the Paris Agreement...

Thanks from Venezuela for Voices of Latin America

Photographer Francisco Elias Prado, of Ojos Ilegales, in Caracas Venezuela, has sent LAB this video. He produced a photo-essay, Transmigración en Movimiento, from which LAB used the image (on p.187 of Voices of Latin America) of Ana Enamorado, a Honduran woman living in Mexico and working with the Movimiento Migrante Mesoamericano (MMM). Her own son is one of the disappeared migrants, and it is his photo that she holds in the photo. Francisco also sent this message: A greeting Mike and Tom from Venezuela to the UK, waiting for the best in the personal for you and your family and the...

RSS LAB podcasts

  • What is happening to migrant children at US border facilities? July 16, 2019
    Elora Mukherjee is a prominent US immigration lawyer. Several weeks ago she visited the Clint border facility in Texas, which was holding hundreds of children who had tried to cross the border. What she saw was so shocking she has decided to speak out. And: Jennifer Silvers on how our experiences when we are young […]
  • Colombia: sustainable development June 26, 2019
    An interview with Melissa MacEwen, of Chatham House, produced for Chatham House's own in-house podcast series 'Undercurrents'. This is an extract from Episode 35. Melissa is also the author of a recent article written for LAB: Colombia's Struggle for Sustainable Development.
  • Patricia Gualinga - Voices of Latin America (LAB) January 29, 2019
    In the first of our short taster podcasts to support the launch of the book Voices of Latin America, we meet Patricia Gualinga, a Kichwa leader of the Sarayaku who live in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Patricia speaks of how the indigenous women's' movement was created around the world and her work to bring awareness to her […]