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Social Movements and the New Activism

The Book

LAB’s major new book, Voices of Latin America – social movements and the new activism was published on 18 January 2019.

The fruit of four years work, Voices is based on interviews with 74 social movement activists in 14 countries. These are the people from whom progressive change is coming to the region: they can inspire us all.

You can watch the live-stream of the London launch event here.

You can buy copies of the book at:

The US edition of the book is published by Monthly Review Press in association with LAB and Practical Action Publishing. For details of US orders, click here.

The Website

Voices is also an ongoing website, for which this is the Home Page. You will find a page for each of the chapters in the book (click on the links, below), including: the chapter abstract; references (with hyperlinks which make it easy to find them); photos; videos; further reading; and links to new articles and testimony. This site will extend the life of the Voices collection far beyond the publication date of the book.

Voices videos can also be viewed on LAB’s YouTube channel (you need to click on Playlists on the YouTube menu).

Ayme Tanguila, Ecuador. © Ayme Tanguila 2018

“At the weekend I received the two copies of Voices you sent from England… I don’t know English, but as each word was translated I was moved by my own story. I’m so happy to know that we women and men are acting to bring about a better world. Thank you for sharing my thoughts and ideas. I don’t know who else will have received copies of the book, but I know that new generations are coming, who will have social consciousness.”

Affectionately yours, from far away,

Ayme Tanguila

Latest Voices News

Voices of Latin America Webinar Series: The Rights of Nature and Indigenous Peoples

The Latin America Bureau (LAB) invites you to the third instalment of our Voices of Latin America webinar series: The Rights of Nature and Indigenous Peoples.

Voices’ strength lies in its breadth and richness

Voices of Latin America does an excellent job of providing deeply personalized accounts of how social movements and organizations emerged and sustained themselves under difficult circumstances -- New Voices review is published in US journal Science and Society.

Latin America at breaking point: a look back at two tumultuous years

Tom Gatehouse, author of Voices of Latin America: Social Movements and the New Activism and the upcoming The Heart of Our Earth: Community Resistance to Mining in Latin America, will then present ‘Latin America at breaking point: a look back at two tumultuous years’

Voices of Latin America Webinar Series: The Rainbow Tide and Fighting Machismo

LAB is excited to invite you to the second instalment of the Voices of Latin America webinar series, this time focusing on LGBTQ+ rights and machismo.

Voices of Latin America Webinar Series: State Violence and Student Resistance

Building on the Voices book published in January 2019, the authors of Voices are back to provide an update on Latin America’s new activism. We will be discussing Latin America’s developments from the past few years and talking about how social activists have adapted to new challenges.

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