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Chapter 5:  ‘I have rights and I am free’ - Resisting gendered intersectional violence against Latin American migrant women

This chapter, by Cathy McIlwaine, highlights the types of gendered violence experienced by migrant women from Latin America and the challenges they face in securing help and support within hostile immigration environments underpinned by racialized state interventions. It discusses how Latin American migrant women develop informal ways of addressing violence and exclusion, and the collective initiatives of migrants’ and women’s rights organizations who support survivors of gender-based violence.

We Still Fight in the Dark Migrants in Action King's College London People's Palace Projects and Latin American Women's Aid

About the author

Cathy McIlwaine is Professor of Geography at King’s College London. Her research focuses on issues of gender, poverty and violence in cities of the global South, and on migration and gendered violence among the Latin American community in London. She works collaboratively with a range of organizations and artists in Brazil and London.


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Gil migrated to the UK from Brazil with her partner and children as a tourist, and subsequently became undocumented. When she fled abuse, she was met with hostility by UK police and ended up homeless with a child in mid-December. Finding the Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) changed her life and Gil now works on the group's Step Up Migrant Women Campaign to highlight the vulnerability of migrant women with insecure immigration status in situations of domestic abuse. LAWRS also works with Migrants in Action (MinA), a community theatre group dedicated to Brazilian women in London who have experienced gender violence. Through theatre, they build a sense of community, understand and break cycles of violence and raise their visibility as migrant women.

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