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People talk about memory as if was something that floats around in the air. In fact, it’s the sum of the political decisions that have marked the world. The wonderful Academic Center for the Memory of Our America is based at the Autonomous University of Mexico City.
CAMeNA is home to a vast collection of documents that make up the ‘layers of memory’ – of an internationalist, pan-American, anti-imperialist America, deeply committed to the principles of liberation and of justice. All materials are available to the public on the premises, and many are available online.

CAMeNA: archives on Pancho Villa and El Che

Paco Ignacio Taibo II, is famous for his crime fiction and his popular historical writing; including biographies of el Che Guevara , and Pancho Villa, narratives like Patria about social and political movements, and the anecdotal books about those agents of history who never became famous, like Arcangeles or La libertad. He has donated parts of his archives to CAMeNA.

El Salvador: you couldn’t just sit there and watch

Cornelia Gräbner describes an extraordinary set of documents which capture the most intense and dangerous phase of repression in El Salvador, leading up to the 1992 Peace Accords.

Argentina: the sun always rises

Alicia Carriquiriborde describes the courage and resilience of women political prisoners held at Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires during the military dictatorship in Argentina.

Idalina Tatter – a powerful voice against transnational state terror

Paraguayan Idalina Tatter campaigned tirelessly, in search of her husband Federico Jorge Tatter, arrested in Argentina and rendered back to Paraguay by agents of Operación Condor. Her life and work is documented in the CAMeNA archive in Mexico

Gregorio Selser & Marta Ventura – the search for justice

Gregorio Selser and Marta Ventura dedicated their lives to 'rescue eveerything that nurtures the cause of liberty and justice in Our America.' ~Their papers are collected at the CAMeNA archive in Mexico CIty.

CAMeNA: an orchestra of truth-telling

An extraordinary museum and achive BASED at the UACM, Mexico, contains invaluable records of human rights violations, resistance and the dogged determination to tell and preserve the truth

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