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Journalism in Amazonia

Journalists in the Amazon face unique dangers, as the murders of Dom Philips and Bruno Pereira underlined. Amazônia Latitude interviewed a number of journalists working in the Amazon who stress the need for local journalism, 'committed to life'.

CAMeNA: archives on Pancho Villa and El Che

Paco Ignacio Taibo II, is famous for his crime fiction and his popular historical writing; including biographies of el Che Guevara , and Pancho Villa, narratives like Patria about social and political movements, and the anecdotal books about those agents of history who never became famous, like Arcangeles or La libertad. He has donated parts of his archives to CAMeNA.

A visual chronicle of Venezuela’s downfall

Adriana Loureiro Fernández is a Venezuelan photojournalist documenting everyday life in her home country. Here, Ines Fernandez-Pontes offers a profile of the photojournalist and a deeper dive into her photographic series Paraíso Perdido.

This Stolen Country of Mine: Neo-Colonialism in Ecuador

This Stolen Country of Mine is a gripping documentary following resistance leader Paúl Jarrín and investigative journalist Fernando Villavicencio, as they fight to stop...

Brazil: forward to the future or back to the past?

With Bolsonaro AWOL and his supporters claiming electoral fraud, fomenting violence and trying to provoke a military coup, Lula and the PT face massive difficulties and levels of polarisation remain extremely high

Brazil: democracy at risk, media to blame

Using Brazil as a case study, the film The Coup d’État Factory uncovers and dissects the media's role in creating conditions to dismantle democracy, paving the way for the far-right.

Dom and Bruno – Bolsonaro’s victims

Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira were murdered in a remote area of the Amazon – almost certainly by or on the orders of those who run the illegal trade in fish, timber, drugs and minerals. President Bolsonaro has fuelled lawlessness by his rhetoric.

Hugh O’Shaughnessy Obituary

British journalist Hugh O'Shaughnessy, who died on 1 March 2022, was one of the founders of Latin America Bureau. He reported from Latin America for the Financial Times and the Observer.

An intimate look at investigative journalism in Mexico

Hunter N Johnson’s impactful short documentary takes an intimate look at the role of investigative journalism in the context of Mexico’s widespread abductions and forced disappearances.

Brazil: reaction vs progress

Professor David Treece reviews Jan Rocha's chronicle of her years reporting for the BBC on Brazil during the military dictatorship

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