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Environmental Defenders

Inspired by the Global Witness report highlighting the terrible toll of killings of those who seek to defend their rights to land, water and their own way of life.

Voz – LAB's Quarterly Dispatch

LAB's quarterly guest-written dispatch, available exclusively to Patron subscribers, shares first-hand experiences and expert analysis from our partners in Latin America.

London Mining Network Blog Latin America Bureau

London Mining Network Blog

This blog selects stories and news relating to Latin America from the monthly London Mining Network (LMN) newsletter, with additional research supplied by LAB.

Book & Film Reviews

Here, LAB contributors reflect on the books and films speaking up for social and environmental justice in Latin America.

Agencia Pubica Blog Latin America Bureau

Agência Pública

Founded in 2011 by women journalists, Agência Pública is the first non-profit agency for investigative journalism in Brazil.

Jan Rocha's Blog

Jan Rocha is a former correspondent for the BBC and the Guardian and lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She is the author of a number of LAB books, and contributes this regular column for LAB, known for its incisive analysis of current Brazilian politics.


The wonderful CAMeNA - Academic Center for the Memory of Our America - is based at the Autonomous University of Mexico City and is home to a vast collection of documents that make up the ‘layers of memory’ – of an internationalist, pan-American, anti-imperialist America, deeply committed to the principles of liberation and of justice.

Sue Branford's Blogs

Sue Branford is a senior editor at LAB, specializing in Brazil, the Amazon and the environment. Her blogs collect some of her diary accounts of trips to the Amazon and other themes she has pursued in her reporting.

David Lehmann's Blog

David Lehmann is a senior editor at LAB. A social scientist who has worked all his life on and in Latin America, he writes on subjects including agricultural development, religion and multiculturalism.

Dan Baron Cohen Amazon Diary

Amazon Diary

Dan Baron is a performance educator, living in the Amazonian afro-indigenous community of Cabelo Seco, Pará.

La Mezcla LAB Latin America Bureau blog series

La Mezcla

Here LAB collects snippets of news, reviews, comment… everything that doesn’t belong elsewhere. Dip into it, and enjoy!