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Chapter 3: ‘It is a very tough fight’ - Abortion as a battleground over women’s rights in Latin America

Abortion politics, and reproductive health more generally, is a site of multiple intersecting forms of violence. This chapter, by Jelke Boesten & Andrea Espinoza, examines violence against women through the lens of bodily and sexual autonomy and women’s right to control their own lives, as well as the lack of equality in access to services. It highlights different forms of activism for legal abortion as central to a broad movement for inclusive citizenship, women’s equal rights, sexual and gender diversity, and against violence.

María Elena Oddone holds placard reading ‘No to maternity, yes to pleasure’ in 1984. Credit_ Wikimedia Commons

About the authors

Jelke Boesten is Professor of Gender and Development at the Department of International Development, King’s College London. She writes about gender-based violence in war and in peace, post conflict justice, and memory and the arts in Latin America, with particular focus on Peru. 

Andrea Espinoza is a feminist researcher focused on women’s and Indigenous people’s rights in Latin America, particularly in Ecuador and the Andean region. She is lecturer in War Studies, King’s College London, and a postdoctoral fellow at University of Exeter with a project enquiring how socialism shapes sexual and reproductive health rights in Latin America, particularly in Ecuador and Peru. Her PhD thesis looked at Indigenous women’s path through violence in plurilegal Ecuador.


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